I have been a patient of Dr. Nasser’s for over 10 years. In addition to being caring, extremely knowledgeable, and painless the most important reason why I go to her is because I trust her. I trust her because she saved my life. During one of my routine exams, in which she is always very thorough, she discovered a lesion. While I was still in her chair she made an appointment to see the oral surgeon the very next day. Unfortunately, her suspicions were correct, I had cancer. That was over three years ago. Since then, I faithfully see Dr. Nasser every three months. In addition to being cancer free today, Dr. Nasser ensures that my teeth and gums remain healthy. She is dedicated to her profession and her patients. I would not consider going to anyone else.

My wife and I have been using Dr. Nasser for over 15 years because we rust her. When she recommends a procedure she will use her camera and video display to show you what she sees and explain the problem. The office experience is very personal and spa like which almost makes going to the dentist relaxing.

I have been a dental patient of Dr. Rhonda Nasser for many years, great dentist! Recently I had Botox & Radiesse injected; it was the best experience ever of getting injectables! The Doctor I had for these procedures before caused me a lot of pain & bruising, but not Dr. Rhonda! My friends tell me I look 10 years younger! Highly recommend her!

Absolutely phenomenal! Saw me immediately with an emergency abscess that made my whole cheek swollen up! Simply amazing.

D. Rhonda Nasser has the touch and patience of an angel when it is time to go to the dentist. I avoided the dentist for years from fear and honestly, neglect. But Dr. Nasser has provided a new opportunity to have a healthy mouth and a smile worth showing. My gum disease and loss is closely monitored and I welcome my hygiene visits and we are striving for success in keeping all my teeth – I have a new crown and had a few root canals – but the experience was nothing like my expectation. She has been able to work with my crazy schedule and get me in even on Sunday if needed. That is dedication to your profession and she continues that dedication by continually educating herself in the latest technologies in the industry. She also has a wonderful touch with your entire facial appearance and has outstanding products and services available in the aesthetic arena. Don’t waste time with a dental factory – get the attention and straightforward advice you need when it comes to your mouth!

Dr. Rhonda is such a pro! Thorough, thoughtful and insightful. I’ve never had a dental exam so complete. She has all the tools to show you what your mouth is all about. No one better than her!

Coming from a family of attorneys I’m generally skeptical of doctors. When I first met Dr. Nasser she reminded me of my only doctor friend who I always call “Doc” Doc always would say P.B.P (Patients Before Profits). Doctor Nasser took a look at my situation…an awful and genetic diastema that has plagued generations of my family. Myself, the worst hit from it. After several different consultations where other cosmetic dentists have told me everything from lumineers to crowns to veneers to braces to invislign, Doctor Nasser told me she could resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. After years of hearing everything else from all other dentists and just plain old accepting I had to live with this forever, I decided to take the plunge not only because I felt talking to Doctor Nasser that she was ridiculously knowledgeable about her craft but I felt a trust and confidence from her that I rarely find in people in general let alone doctors. In less than two hours a 36-year monkey on my back was gone and nearly brought me to tears. I barely felt any pain at all and that wasn’t Doctor Nasser’s fault, I’m just too tolerant to everything but regular folks trust me, you won’t feel a thing and you can stay awake the whole time. Her practice is meticulous, her hands soft as silk, her tools are top-notch, her office…beautiful and what impressed me the most was she does it all on her own. It had been over twenty years since I had had an actual dentist that gave you an actual cleaning and not a dental assistant? I would give Doctor Nasser 8-thumbs if I was an octopus but she’ll have to settle for my 2…but I’d give her6 if I could. Please folks, don’t wait any longer to take care of your choppers. Go see Doctor Nasser, dentist…and artist.

I met Dr. Nasser at a time in my life when I was beginning to feel that my age was showing on my skin and face. As a professional woman in the health/wellness industry, I was feeling very self-conscious! I had been researching anti-aging/cosmetic remedies, but didn’t know where to begin! There are so many products and claims for results out there! When I met Dr. Nasser, she took me by the hand and guided me step by step to heal and refresh my skin with the perfect products for my individual skin problems and the right combination of injectables to improve my personal appearance. I am now proud to say that my skin and face literally look 10 years younger and I am no longer self-conscious! In fact, I no longer stare in the mirror examining the aging effects of my face! She is by far the most talented doctor in facial aesthetics that I have ever worker with! I had been to many doctors for skin care and injectables over the years but unlike Dr. Nasser, none of them took the time and interest in getting the most perfect and individualized results possible like she does!! She is a true artist and her passion for her “artwork” with injectables and skin care is not only virtually painless, but are cosmetically the best results I’ve ever experienced!

I found Dr. Nasser well over thirteen years ago when she took over the practice of my retiring dentist. I had many bad experiences at the dentist and was not interested in finding another one but had no choice. I remember how frightened I was for my first appointment. However, that fear did not last long. Dr. Nasser’s staff was wonderfully kind and put me at ease. It took some time but eventually Dr. Nasser got me coming in on a regular basis and got my teeth and gums in great shape. Without going on forever, I would just like to say that she has totally transformed my mouth and my smile into a beautiful one that gets compliments often. We have been through many procedures, including cleaning, more crowns than I care to think about, abscess, restoration, etc. and through it all. I have had the best care anyone could ever receive.

I’m a first time client who contacted Dr. Nasser’s office on a Saturday morning with an emergency, she and her lovely staff took me in within an hours notice which she then gave me sound advice on what steps to take to prep my body with the necessary amount of antibiotics for an extraction to be done a few days later. On our agreed upon day to come in I got there 40 minutes earlier than my appointment. Dr. Nasser took me 20 minutes ahead of schedule, the whole time making sure I was comfortable, very nurturing. Another 10 minutes go by and my tooth is pulled and I’m elated things went as smooth as they did. She followed up on my condition later in the day to see how I was feeling. Would recommend to my closest friends!

Dr. Nasser’s skillful expertise captured the youthful appearance of my face back to my desired natural radiance. Her passion is clear- using state of the art technique and always with abundant compassion. A rare find, in my opinion

Dr. Rhonda Nasser is a perfectionist in the art of dentistry. She cares for her patients’ oral hygiene as if she was taking care of her own. Like so many other people, I was always nervous about going to the dentist until Dr. Nasser began treating me.

Dr. Nasser removed 24 veneers and crowns and replaced them with 24 new crowns. The doctor is an expert diagnostician, highly trained and skilled and ensured an exemplary outcome.

Dr. Rhonda Nasser turned things about for me in a big way. I was unaware that my gums were not healthy. Dr. Nasser took painstaking effort to get my mouth healthy and then, gave me an amazing smile. The thing I am most pleased about is that my smile looks natural. The gap that lived between my teeth for 52 years is now gone! Over the years numerous women had confided to me that I would look so much better getting the gap ‘fixed’. With Dr. Nasser’s seal of approval after my gums were truly healthy, Dr. Nasser helped me to whiten my teeth and then she closed the gap. I appreciate the opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Nasser for her amazing work. I also want to acknowledge her wonderful office staff for their support. Because of the ambience of the office, and Dr. Nasser’s staff, coming to Dr. Nasser’s office has been a pleasure. I am thrilled with my new smile. Thank you, Rhonda!

When I was young, I had naturally straight and beautiful teeth. People always responded positively to my smile, and, because I was young, I took it for granted. Now, I am not so young. When I was about 30, my teeth started to shift and loosen. Over the next decade, I lost 2 teeth, and the loss of one of them resulted in a visible empty space in my smile. I stopped smiling as much, tried to smile so the space wouldn’t show, and finally just about quit smiling altogether. Some of my front teeth had shifted and become discolored as well, so I became very embarrassed about my teeth. Not only that, but I periodontal disease (which resulted in the shifting and loose teeth), and was often in pain because of it. I was afraid to see a dentist, and I refused to think about the long-term consequences of my inaction. One day, I broke a wisdom tooth while eating, and I knew that the time had come to get some help. Was terrified on my first visit to Dr. Nasser, but she was very matter-of-fact about my situation. She didn’t try to make me feel guilty or more afraid than I already was. She outlined a course of action she would take to treat the periodontal disease, and made some suggestions about beginning to repair the damage to my teeth in a long-range plan. That was 12 years ago. I faithfully visited Dr. Nasser every three months, and I haven’t lost another tooth. The periodontal disease which had caused me such pain and fear is under control because of her care and my determination and persistence. I believe that Dr. Nasser has a true gift in understanding what is going on with your teeth. Every single call she has made about what needs to be done to protect my teeth has been right on target, and because of that, I no longer have dental pain. The immense relief this has brought to my life is almost impossible to express. About 3 years ago, I decided to take Dr. Nasser’s advice about getting my teeth repaired, since the periodontal disease was obviously under control. She’d been telling me for 9 years that she could help me with it, and I finally made the decision to go ahead and have the work done. I knew that losing a tooth which is visible often affects your earning power and your overall quality of life; and I decided that the time had come to address the problem. When she had made the repairs to my teeth, the cosmetic effect on my smile was nothing short of life-changing. Now understand, I struggle with a weight problem, and have for years. I had been attributing people’s negative reactions to my weight for a very long time. After Dr. Nasser had repaired my smile, I was suddenly getting completely different reactions from people. It was a complete shock to me to realize that people had been reacting negatively to me because I hadn’t been smiling for a very long time, and when I did smile, it was a jarring sight. To have people respond warmly and positively to me was an experience I had forgotten about, and many, many times, I was brought to tears (and still am) when I finally understand the toll that it had taken on me to have a distorted and unhealthy smile. People I had known and worked with for years were suddenly looking at me as if I was a stranger…..a stranger with a beautiful smile. To understand the power of a genuine and healthy smile is to know that you can disarm angry people, cheer up sad people, reach out to people who are defensive and mistrustful, and fully engage people who are already on your side from the start, all without uttering a single word. To have the good fortune to use that smile again each and every day is a priceless gift, given to me by the exceptional hands of Dr. Nasser. She is so much more than a dentist…..she is an artiste in every sense of the word. Since my smile is beautiful again, more than one person has told me that my eyes sparkle when I smile. You can’t imagine how that makes me feel…..given that I am Irish; my smiling eyes now have a beautiful smile to compliment them!

I have been Dr. Nasser’s patient for the last 10 years. Not only is she one of the best in her profession, she truly cares about her patients, even the most difficult ones, like me. She is not only patient, kind and just wonderful to talk to; she is always at the forefront of the latest technology in dental and beauty restoration. She not only ensures a healthy mouth, but a beautiful smile and face to go with it. Anyone who has ever been under her care will do so for a lifetime. She is one of a kind, the Dr. Welby of dentistry. And I for one am very grateful to be under her care. And anyone who reads this should be too.

After I was involved in a painful accident that caused a great deal of trauma to my lip and teeth, I knew just whom I could call upon for help…my own dentist, Dr. Rhonda Nasser. Dr. Nasser is a perfectionist who has excelled at her own profession and who could have excelled at any other profession that she might have chosen. I thank you, Dr. Nasser, for choosing dentistry, and now, aesthetics, too! You are truly a wonder. And, most important of all, thank you for bringing back my smile and making me look even better than before. My students and colleagues at the Palm Beach Day Academy, who were so concerned about the accident, are now showering me with complements. Once again, Dr. Nasser, thank you for your outstanding expertise.

I have been a patient of Dr. Rhonda Nasser for many years, and during that time, I have undergone many different dental procedures, as I unfortunately have suffered with terrible teeth most of my life. Dr. Nasser has proven to be more than capable in dealing with my problems in the most compassionate and knowledgeable manner, always trying to do only what was necessary. She has proven over and over again to be a wonderful person and dentist. While I have not been blessed with the best of teeth, I have certainly been blessed with a caring and talented dentist who has been more than able to address my needs. In addition, I was doubly blessed when Dr. Nasser decided to add aesthetic treatments to her practice. Who better than a capable dentist to provide this service! Knowing that her nature is to be the best and to thoroughly investigate and research the technology and products available, I was confident that when the time came for her to proceed, she would be more than up to the task, and how right I was!! She has treated me with a number of aesthetic applications (injectables and skin care products), and the results speak for themselves. I feel very fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Nasser.

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Dr. Nasser about15 years ago. I am 64 years old with a long history of dental problems of all sorts, from plain old rotten teeth to damaged, missing, and broken teeth due to an auto accident in my youth. I have run the gamut of dentists many of whom were called “the best”. (I know, we all seem to have been to the best at one time or another.) However, this time I really did strike gold! Dr. Nasser is a conservative, incredibly talented dentist who genuinely has my best interest at heart. She has been my dentist ever since our first meeting, and I have never had more confidence in any dentist’s ability to evaluate, recommend, and implement the proper course of treatment for my many dental needs. She has proven over and over to be much more than a just a capable dentist. I know I may sound over the top, but when it comes to dentistry, se is my hero!

Dear Dr. Nasser & Staff, Thank you all so much for helping our patient, Charlotte Carter. There is a very special place in heaven for you all!! Your generosity, caring, patience, and compassion are most appreciated by our patients and by me. Your participation in the Donated Dental Services program is greatly appreciated! It is a pleasure working with you and your staff.

My wife LaJuana and I have been patients of Dr. Rhonda Nasser since late 1996 or early 1997. Not only has Rhonda (Dr. Nasser) done an excellent job with our dental health, but she has become a very dear friend. Rhonda is a very conscientious and dedicated dentist, and the only one we want handling our dental needs.

My son Mark has been a patient of Dr. Nasser’s for a long time, probably over 10 years, as well as my husband before he passed away. I spent quite a bit of time in her office because my husband was quite sick the last few years that he was patient and I had to accompany him to his visits. Dr. Nasser was very understanding and kind under the circumstances. My son continues to be a patient and is pleased with the service he receives. Dr. Nasser and her staff have always been professional, pleasant and compassionate.

I have an upper and lower permanent bridge that was put in approximately 1985. Over the years I have tied to maintain the bridges to the best of my ability to extend them as long as possible. Several years ago (2000) I moved to New York for about 10 months and during that time I had a problem with the lower bridge. After checking with a local dentist I was told that he could not even touch me, that I needed to see a periodontal specialist. I made an appointment with them and was told that there was no way they could save this tooth. I would need to have at least that tooth plus the two adjoining teeth replaced as they support the bridge. They advised they could keep me in pretty much the same situation and replace the three teeth with implants for a skyrocketing cost of several thousand dollars. I told them there was no way that I could afford something like that. As luck would have it I moved back to Florida shortly thereafter went back to Dr. Rhonda Nasser who has helped persevere this bridge for me over the years and very affordably. I work as hard as possible to take care of my bridgework, with diligent brushing and water pick use, along with Dr. Rhonda Nasser’s cleanings and professional care I have been able to save my teeth, which is probably one of the most important things a person relies on in life. I can’t thank Dr. Nasser enough for all she’s done over the years.

I can't say enough about Dr. Nasser as a person and a s a dentist. I have been a patient of hers for many years and can honestly say that she cares deeply for patients on all levels, not just their teeth. The time and attention she gives to each patient is remarkable in this day and age.

I became a patient of Dr. Nasser in 1998. I underwent some preliminary work and then extensive cosmetic dentistry. i was truly amazed with the outcome. I've never considered myself a vain person, but I must admit that my level of self esteem improved dramatically.

Dr. nasser and her staff are on a constant quest for the latest in technics and technologies. It's reassuring to know that I'm getting the best care. My only regret is that I didn't meet Dr. Nasser earlier.

Dr. Rhonda is the best as a dentist and a friend. Until we moved here, I was afraid to go to the dentist - only emergencies. Dr. Nasser changed all that. She's gentle, kind, caring, and she has small hands!

We've known Dr. Rhonda since she was in undergraduate school. When we found her practice, we were elated. We love visiting our dentist!

For the past twelve years I've had the pleasure of being a patient and friend of Dr. Rhonda Nasser. Morning, noon, and night - 7 days a week she has been available for my every dental need. Few dentists are as knowledgeable regarding the new techniques an opportunities in the dental field as Dr. Nasser. I was an emergency patient before a speaking engagement 12 years ago and I've received the same great care ever since.

Dr. Nasser's work is superior to that of any other dentist I've ever had. From New York, Florida, and Washington State, I've had many dentists in my time. Truly, I've never had better than Dr. Nasser. She is extremely knowledgeable, skillful, innovative, solution oriented, gentle, and thorough. The passion for her work is very evident. Many years ago, I noticed the teeth of a nurse I was working with and commented on how lucky she was to have such beautiful teeth. She told me her smile was all credited to Dr. Nasser. Needless to say, I made an appointment and was never let down. Her work always exceeded my expectations. AFter moving to Washington State, I lost contact with her. Eighteen years later, and after being dissatisfied with all other dentists, I re-connected with her via internet search.

She has motivated and educated me in my dental regime as no other dentist ever took the time to do. Before she would even give me a permanent bridge, she wanted to make sure my gums could be healthy enough to support the bridge. She did extensive scaling and laser work on me. What a difference, my gums are healthier now than they've been in many years. The permanent bridge is beautiful. I do not exaggerate when I say I've never seen better work from any dentist. Dr. Nasser does what she does because she loves what she does. Bottom line, she is the absolute best! I know I couldn't be in better hands. I'm beyond satisfied.

I have known Dr. Nasser for approximately 10 years. I first began seeing her for all my dental needs and since have been seeing her for all my facial aesthetics as well. I consider her a true professional. She takes pride in her work and goes to great lengths to make sure you are satisfied. After all these years I consider her my doctor and dear friend.

I have known Doctor Nasser both professionally and as a patient for over 15 years. I never liked going to the dentist because I was always wary of being jabbed by a sharp instrument. That never happened. What I learned is that I actually look forward to my visits. It's like going to visit a friend at her house.

As a woman in her 70's, I became very concerned when I needed to choose a new dentist. I trusted my last one and we had been together a long time. Dr. Nasser was recommended to me, I made an appointment and a wonderful new relationship was created. Dr. Nasser has restored my smile to the one that I had in my 30's. She treats me as a whole person and not just a set of x-rays. I am very happy that I made that first appointment and I highly recommend Dr. Nasser for all your dental needs.

Dr. Nasser has been my dentist since 1999. Over the years, she has provided excellent oral care & prevention advice. Dr. Nasser has always made my appointments pleasant & she shows a genuine interest in my life & my work. I enjoy talking with Dr. Nasser & I consider her a friend, as well as an excellent dentist. I always leave Dr. Nasser's office smiling.