General Procedures

Dr. Rhonda Nasser provides an array of general and family dentistry services and procedures to help her patients achieve and maintain the smile they strive for. Routine dental procedures are important for a patient’s overall health, but can also help correct common dental problems while preventing future issues that could potentially damage teeth and gums. Whether working on routine cleanings and checkups, or cosmetic and restorative procedures, Dr. Nasser places her patients’ comfort and safety above all else as she works to keep them smiling throughout each visit.

General Dentistry

Routine Checkups

Dr. Nasser provides routine checkups to support her patients’ healthy oral care habits. To avoid more serious cosmetic or restorative procedures in the future, she relies on a multi-faceted approach including regular teeth cleanings and digital x-rays. By remaining aware of her patient’s oral health on the surface, as well as within the structure of their teeth, Dr. Nasser knows her patients will be able to show off their smiles well into the future.

Teeth Cleanings

As part of the routine checkup, Dr. Nasser offers her patients professional teeth cleaning that can go a long way in maintaining good dental health. While polishing patients’ teeth and giving them a thorough cleaning, Dr. Nasser also provides support for the oral care habits in each of her patients by helping them with the usual trouble spots and providing brushing techniques and other adjuncts to patients’ homecare. For example, the use of a Rotadent, Waterpic and inter-dental brushes.

Periodontal (Gum) Care

Dr. Nasser is highly-trained in preventing and treating gum disease, which is responsible for 70% of adult tooth loss, affecting nearly three of every four adults. With years of training and experience, she is able to prevent the development of bacterial plaque with specialized procedures, while reinforcing the need for a regular system of daily brushing and flossing to keep patients’ teeth and gums healthy.

Our Cutting Edge Technology

We provide our patients with Piezo Ultrasonic technology for periodontal treatment and maintenance. During this procedure, a medicine solution is dispensed under the gums. Only 8-9% of dentists in the United States own this specific type of technology, and 20-25% some form of it.