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Palm Beach FL’s Facial Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry Pioneer

There is a Palm Beach dental office that has pioneered the integration of facial injections and aesthetic services to general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. This is because Dr. Rhonda Nasser firmly believes in the totality of achieving self-confidence. She believes that a great smile should be augmented by a great-looking and naturally vibrant facial skin.

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Dr. Nasser’s Unique Twist to Cosmetic Dentistry in Palm Beach Florida

Whoever said that dental offices are just for the teeth clearly has never been to our Palm Beach office of renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Rhonda Nasser. Believing that everyone deserves to have that great and awesome smile, we at Dr. Nasser’s office also believe that a great-looking facial skin can further enhance your self-confidence and

Dental Questions: Do You Need to Fill, Repair, or Replace?

When any pain in your mouth or having to do with your teeth strikes, you should visit the dentist immediately because these type of symptoms are telling you at the very least that something is very wrong. One of the most common diagnoses is tooth decay, which is a problem that merits swift action. How should tooth

Periodontal Disease Connected to Menopause

Periodontal Disease Periodontal disease is the most common type of dental disease, but when caught early, can be treated relatively easily by Dr. Rhonda Nasser, DDS, a dentist in Palm Beach. Signs of this disease include gums that are red, sensitive, bleeding or receding; bleeding when brushing teeth; bad breath; and ultimately loose teeth if it

Dental Implants Advantages

3 Dental Implants Advantages to Know About Even though dental care is a priority for most individuals, the fact is that many suffer with tooth loss as a result of injury, gum disease and tooth decay. Historically treatments for tooth loss have primarily included bridges and dentures, however dental implants, or the replacement of the

How Beavers Keep Tooth Decay Away

Beavers have a Tooth Up on humans when it comes to enamel When it comes to understanding tooth decay, a group of researchers are saying, "leave it to the beavers." Researchers from Northwestern University have found one thing exceptional about the oral health of beavers, the semi-aquatic rodents which are noted for their constructing abilities and

Stem Cells from Dental Pulp Used to Make Corneal Cells

ADA News March  2015 Stem cells from dental pulp can be turned into corneal cells, study says Pittsburg – Stem cells from the dental pulp can be coaxed to turn into cells of the eye’s cornea and may in the future be used to restore corneal scarring due to infection or injury, according to researchers at the

Gum Disease Risk Factors

Gum Disease Risk Factors Periodontal disease, or gum disease, does play favorites. The older you are the more at risk you are.  Also, female hormonal shifts and changes can make you a bigger target. Smoking, other tobacco use and illnesses including HIV/AIDS and diabetes can also make you more likely to develop gum disease. Lastly,